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Living with an aggressive dog is stressful. We know how worrying, frustrating, helpless it can feel to own an aggressive dog and not know how to help them.

Training for aggressive dogs is very different from obedience training. In order for your dog’s behavior to improve, the training must address the underlying cause of the aggression. For this reason, dog trainers must have certain skills and knowledge in order to effectively modify aggression.

At Collaborative Canines, we understand the needs of aggressive dogs and know how to help them. We will teach you positive, effective training methods that fundamentally change your dog’s reaction towards things that upset them.

We use a

3 step process

for helping your aggressive dog:



Before we can fix your dog’s aggression, we need to understand what is causing it. Dogs behave aggressively for a number of reasons. Very often it is because of fear. But sometimes there are other causes such as frustration or a desire to protect the dog’s food or possessions. We will take a detailed look at your dog’s behavior history to help you understand why your dog is behaving this way, and what you can do to change it.



Once we understand why your dog is behaving the way they are, the next step is introducing management strategies. Management reduces the likelihood of any further aggression. This can include muzzle training, strategic use of pet gates and confinement areas, and modifying the dog’s environment or daily routine. These steps are vital because they alleviate the problem and give you peace of mind.



After putting management steps into place, if appropriate, we will begin working through a custom training plan to modify your dog’s behavior. Because it is often based on fear, aggression can be one of the toughest behavior problems in dogs to fix. But with consistency and kindness, you will have the best odds of making great progress towards a better quality of life together with your dog.

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