The Best Walking Harnesses For Any Dog

Dog laying in a field wearing a Ruffwear harness
While just about any harness on the market can get your dog from point A to point B, I’ve discovered a handful of harnesses that I think are a cut above the rest. Here are my top 3 picks for the best anti-pull and best all-around harnesses for everyday walking. All of the products mentioned are excellent choices, but each has their own pros and cons. Let’s “walk” through them:
Best for heavy pullers
The Freedom Harness is my go-to suggestion for dogs who pull. The harness is an across-the-chest style that fits most dogs comfortably while also reducing pulling. It is solidly constructed with a durable front-ring for attaching your dog’s leash. There are many sizes and color options available. The harness itself is wrapped in a soft velvet material to help keep your dog comfortable and prevent rubbing against their fur. This style of harness may slightly restrict your dog’s range of motion during faster movement, so it is not my first choice for use during activities other than leisurely dog walks.
Best no-fuss, multi-purpose harness
If you’d like to buy one do-it-all harness, the Balance Harness is a great option. You can use the back-clip while running or hiking with your dog, then easily switch over to the front-clip when you want a bit of anti-pull assistance. And, if you prefer a slim, low-profile look, this harness is the one for you. It comes in a buckle neck variety that provides easy on-off and is especially great for head-shy dogs.
Most customizable, comfortable, and escape-proof
The Perfect Fit Harness consists of 3 separate pieces that can be purchased in different sizes, allowing for a more precise fit. This harness is the holy grail for tough-to-fit or uniquely-shaped dogs since it can be completely customized. Soft fleece covers all contact points with the dog’s body. Because of the Y-shaped front which allows full freedom of movement, the Perfect Fit Harness is a great all-around, do-it-all harness. It also can be buckled around the neck, rather than put over the dog’s head. 

Honorable Mentions:

Here are two more wonderful harnesses with front-clip options that I simply haven’t had the chance to test out yet myself. While I haven’t tried them personally, I’d definitely recommend them if you’d like additional options to consider.

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