Dog Behavior Training

In-your-home custom-tailored training and behavior services

Due to COVID-19:

In-person services are temporarily suspended. We are currently accepting registrations for virtual behavior consultations online via Zoom.

1-On-1 Dog Behavior Consulting

private behavior consultations at your home

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Collaborative Canines offers in-home behavior consultations focused on the topics that matter to you. Private consultations provide a personalized curriculum designed to create long-term improvements in your dog’s behavior. From teaching your new puppy or rescue dog basic manners, to managing fear or aggression, private lessons teach you and your dog the skills you need for a peaceful and cooperative day-to-day life together.

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Services & Rates

Initial Consultation

90 minutes - $120

New clients start with an Initial Consultation. We will meet at your home to discuss your goals, review your dog’s behavior history together, and begin the first steps in your dog’s training plan.


Follow-Up Sessions

45-60 minutes - $90 per session

After your Initial Consultation, we will recommend a series of follow-up sessions which may include a combination of Day Training or Coaching Sessions depending on your goals and your particular dog’s needs.

Day training

Our trainer works with just your dog 1-to-1 to jumpstart your dog’s learning. After several Day Training sessions with your dog, we meet with you to transfer your dog’s new skills over to you. You’ll see the fastest progress and save yourself the hassle by having a professional do the training for you.

Coaching Sessions

Through coaching sessions, we teach you how to train each step of your dog’s behavior plan. We meet with you once per week to check in and to coach you through your next training steps. You receive step-by-step written instructions after every session along with email/text support between sessions.

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