Online Dog Training

Learn from a dog behavior professional remotely

Virtual Dog Training Sessions

Dog behavior coaching from the comfort of home

Collaborative Canines offers video consultations via Zoom to help you train your dog remotely. Instead of meeting in-person, we meet with you entirely through online video consultations. 

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How does online dog training work?

Video conferencing software Zoom allows us to meet together virtually in real time. All you need is a computer (or smartphone/tablet) and access to the internet. Using live video, we can demonstrate training skills for you, and then give immediate feedback as you practice with your dog, just like we would during an in-person session.
Throughout online video consults, we will:

Services & Rates

Initial Video Consult

60-90 minutes - $100

New clients start with an Initial Consultation. During the consult, we will discuss your goals, review your dog’s behavior history together, and demonstrate your first training steps. Once your consult is scheduled, you will receive your link to attend the Zoom meeting.


Follow-Up Video Consults

45-60 minutes - $80 per session

After your Initial Consultation, we may recommend additional video consults depending on your goals and your particular dog’s needs.


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