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Dog Training and Behavior Consulting Near Anaheim CA
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Collaborative Canines

Collaborative Canines Dog Training & Behavior provides professional dog training and behavior counseling services in Anaheim, Orange, Irvine, Fullerton, and surrounding areas. Our specialty is bringing personalized, top-notch dog training and behavior modification services right to your home.

Private Dog Training

Want help with barking, jumping, pulling, or teaching polite manners? Struggling with your dog’s fear, aggression, or anxiety? Our private training sessions are a convenient, customized solution for any behavior issue.


We use positive reinforcement methods that are safe, humane, and that strengthen the dog-human bond.


We are here for you throughout your dog training journey with clear, written instructions and additional email or text support between sessions.


We are versed in the science of animal behavior, committed to ethical practices, and certified by one of the top schools for professional dog trainers.


Our methods are based on real science. You can trust that the techniques we use are proven to work and to support your dog’s well-being.

Dog Walking

Need a trusted professional to care for your pup while you’re out? Or just want to give your dog some added enrichment in their day? We offer both off-site walking adventures as well as neighborhood walks to suit all dogs.

neighborhood walks

We’ll take your dog out for a walk around your neighborhood. Great for check-in visits while you’re at work, or for dogs who prefer adventures close to home.

nature walks

We’ll pick up your dog to go explore a nearby dog-friendly park or hike at a nature preserve. Your dog gets to check out exciting sights and smells in a new environment. Great for tiring out your active dog!

Group Hikes

Join our unique hiking club for dogs! We’ll pick your dog up 3 days per week to go on a semi-private or small group hike for fun, exercise and enrichment away from home.¬†

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