In Home dog training

Custom training and behavior services at your home

Professional training tailored to your dog

From teaching basic manners, to managing leash reactivity – private lessons teach you and your dog the exact skills you need for a peaceful and cooperative day-to-day life together.

Private in-home training gives you:

Get help with:

Reactivity, fear & aggression

PUppy training

Obedience training

Please note that we are not accepting new separation anxiety clients at this time. If you send us a message, we’d be happy to refer you a separation anxiety specialist.

What is Day Training?

Let a trainer do the work for you!

Day Training means our trainer drops by your home during the day to train with just your dog. You can be off at work, running errands, or taking it easy at home while we train your dog for you. Then, after several Day Training sessions, we’ll meet up to teach you how to use and maintain your dog’s new-and-improved training skills.


If you’re interested in Day Training, we can discuss this option at your first session.

Initial Consultation

New clients start with an Initial Consultation. We’ll meet at your home to discuss your goals, develop a plan, and begin training.


Follow-Up Sessions

45-60 minutes - $90 per session

We offer two types of follow-up sessions to best meet your needs:

Day training

Our trainer works with just your dog 1-on-1 to jumpstart their learning and teach the foundations of each new skill. Then, after several Day Training sessions with your dog, we meet with you to transfer your dog’s new skills over to you.

Coaching Sessions

Through coaching sessions, we teach you how to train your dog yourself. We meet with you once per week to check in and to coach you through your next training steps. You receive updated instructions after every lesson along with email/text support between sessions.

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