In Home Dog Training - Anaheim, Ca

Professional In-Home Dog Training

for leash problems, manners, puppy training, and more

Our private in-home training sessions help you calm your canine and teach polite listening skills for a dog who is a joy to be around.


From teaching your new rescue dog or puppy basic life skills, to reducing your dog’s unruly pulling, jumping, or pestering – private lessons teach you and your dog the exact skills you need for a peaceful and cooperative day-to-day life together.

Experience the benefits of in-home dog training:
  • Time saved on travel (we come to you!)
  • Convenient Day Training packages where a pro trains your dog for you
  • Personalized training advice and training plans
  • Individual attention for you and your dog
  • Train your dog where there behavior matters most – at home & in real-life situations

We offer 2 types of in-home dog training:


Your personal dog training coach
Best for pet parents who:
  • Want to be more hands-on in the training process
  • Want to improve their dog training skills
  • Want to bond with their dog through training together

How it works:

Learn to train your dog via private in-home coaching with a professional trainer. You’ll learn positive dog training strategies to get the best behavior from your dog.

Each session, we’ll practice the next exercises that are a part of your dog’s training plan together. Then you’ll continue practicing these exercises on your own until next week’s session.

Day Training

Have your dog trained for you
Best for pet parents who:
  • Are short on time to train their dog themselves
  • Want quick results

How it works:

Accelerate your dog’s learning – let a professional train your dog for you!


Each week, our trainer works with just your dog for three sessions, followed by one coaching session with you so you can learn how to pilot your dog’s new skills.

Packages include 2-4 weeks of Day Training. At the end of the program, you receive 2 additional Coaching Sessions where our trainer will help you integrate your dog’s learning into your everyday life together for better behavior that lasts.

Ready for a more enjoyable life with your dog?

Schedule your Initial Consultation today to start your dog's path to better behavior

Get help with:

Puppy Training

Solve puppy problems and prepare your puppy for an amazing life ahead

Leash Reactivity

Tame your dog’s barking, lunging, and growling on leash

Manners & Obedience Training

For polite manners and self-control at home or out-and-about

Please note that we are not accepting new separation anxiety clients at this time. If you send us a message, we’d be happy to refer you a separation anxiety specialist.

How It Works:


Free Phone Consult


This free introductory chat with our trainer allows us to answer your questions and discuss which services might be right for your dog.


Initial Consultation

At your Initial Consultation, we’ll discuss your goals and your dog’s current behavior in-depth, and we’ll determine the best pathway to continue your dog’s training. When possible, we’ll share tips for managing your dog’s unwanted behaviors while they learn.


Begin a Training Package

Our trainer will suggest a follow-up package based on your specific goals. Each package is designed to help you and your dog find success.