Leash Reactive Dog Training - Anaheim, CA

Does your dog bark, lunge, and growl on walks?

We're here to help you bring peace back to your dog walks again.

As reactive dog specialists, we know what it’s like to struggle with your dog’s unruly behavior on walks. Stressing over when the next barking and lunging fit will begin. Worrying about what your neighbors think. Feeling like you’ve lost control. And the disappointment of missing out on all of the walks and adventures you dreamed you could enjoy with your dog.


The good news is – you don’t have to dread walks with your dog. With the right training, you really can have a dog who is a joy to walk around town or on the trails. 


We’ll teach you positive strategies for getting through your walks without fear. Whether you want to train your dog yourself, or you want us train your dog for you, we’ll help you achieve your vision of calm, carefree dog walks.

Why Choose Us:

A Positive Approach

We use science-backed, dog-friendly training methods. And, we commit to a supportive, non-judgemental approach to teaching humans, too.

We Train For You

We know you lead a busy life. Through our Day Training program, we’ll train your dog for you. You can let an expert do the heavy lifting and cross “dog training” off of your to-do list.

Reactivity Specialists

We are experienced with addressing leash reactivity. Helping pet owners achieve their dreams of calmer walks together is both our area of expertise and our passion.

Leash Reactivity Training Packages

Packages are only available after your Initial Consultation. Schedule your Initial Consultation today to begin.

Day Training

We train for you

In this comprehensive package, our trainer will teach your dog calmer walking and listening skills for you. Includes four training sessions per week for the fastest progress. 


In Day Training sessions, our trainer works with your dog 1-on-1 to jumpstart their learning. Every few sessions, we’ll meet with you to show you everything your dog has learned.

Day Training: $110 per session


Learn to train your dog

We’ll teach you how to get better walking behavior from your dog. You work privately with a trainer as you learn how to lay the foundations of calm walking skills. We’ll show you step-by-step how to advance your dog’s listening skills around real-life distractions through weekly training sessions.

Coaching: $110 per session

Ready for calmer dog walks?

Schedule your Initial Consultation to kick off your dog's training.