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Feeling overwhelmed by puppy parenthood?

We're here to make having a well-behaved puppy simple and fun.
  • Is your puppy causing chaos, but you don’t have time to train them yourself?
  • Do you want to make sure your puppy grows up to be the confident, ready-for-anything companion you dreamed of?
...We can help!

Our puppy programs are designed to take the stress out of the puppy-raising process. Whether your goal is to have a polite puppy at home, to prepare your pup for a confident future, or just to survive your puppy’s wild-child phase, we can help.


We’ll coach you through every step of your puppy raising journey via weekly coaching sessions at your home. Or, we’ll do the training for you via our unique at-home Day Training program.

Get help with these puppy-problem areas:

Why Choose Us?

A positive start

We use compassionate, science-backed training methods that strengthen your bond with your puppy during the most impressionable time in their lives and support their behavioral well-being.

We train for you

We know you lead a busy life. Our Day Training program makes puppy training super simple and easy – we’ll train your puppy for you! Kick back and enjoy the professional results and the fastest possible progress.

Training for life ahead

The best puppy training goes way beyond teaching basic manners. We include science-based socialization exercises to help prepare your puppy for a calm and confident future free of behavior problems.

Puppy Training Packages

Packages are only available after your Initial Consultation. Schedule your Initial Consultation today to begin.


Learn more about the different training options, Coaching and Day Training, on our In-Home Dog Training page.

Day Training

We train for you

Want to prepare your puppy for a go-anywhere, do-anything future?


Through Day Training, our trainer jumpstarts your puppy’s basic training and socialization for you. Puppy Day Training combines at-home training lessons with field trips around town, giving your puppy real-world socialization in addition to basic obedience training.


This unique program takes advantage of your pup’s critical socialization window (pre-16 weeks) in order to pave the way for an easygoing, confident future full of fun adventures with you. (For older pups, training is focused more on manners and obedience.)

Day Training: $110 per session


Learn to train your puppy

Want to learn how to build your pup’s listening skills and develop good habits from the start?


Get 1-on-1 support as we coach you through the steps of establishing a fun, loving relationship with your new puppy. Learn how to teach basic commands, solve nuisance behaviors, and prevent future headaches for a stress-free start to your new life together.

Coaching: $110 per session

Let's get started!

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