K9 Nose Work Classes - Anaheim, Ca

Uncover your dog's natural talent for Nose Work

Teach your dog to sniff for hidden scents in this fast-growing dog sport

What is K9 Nose Work?

K9 Nose Work is a scent work game and competitive dog sport that highlights your dog’s greatest natural talent – their nose!


It starts with getting your dog excited about using their nose to seek out a favorite toy or treat reward. As your dog grows more confident, the game expands to sniffing out hidden “target odors” or essential oils, and alerting you in order to get their reward.


As you and your dog progress, you will hone your searching skills and teamwork together through indoor, outdoor, container, and vehicle searches.


Learn about how your dog sees the world, and be amazed at what your dog’s nose can do!

Any dog can play

Every dog can experience the joy of Nose Work. Dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes, and personalities are welcome.



Shy, fearful, and reactive dogs all love K9 Nose Work. Dogs work one at a time. Each dog is encouraged to grow their skills and confidence at their own pace.



No prior obedience training or dog sport experience is required!

Why K9 Nose Work?

Fun For You And Your Dog

Have fun learning, playing, and bonding with best friend. Plus, your dog will absolutely love it!

Easy Enrichment

Tire your dog out with quick and easy scent games you can play just about anywhere

Build Confidence

Help your timid, shy, or fearful dog to develop confidence at their own pace


Test your teamwork in a friendly, competitive atmosphere via NACSW trials (competing is 100% optional!)

Class Details

  • Classes held in Anaheim, Ca. Exact location will be in your confirmation email after registering.
  • For dogs 6 months and older
  • Dog must be comfortable and quiet being crated away from you in your car while other dogs search
  • Dogs with severe fear, severe anxiety, or aggression towards people are not suitable for group classes. Contact us for info on private lessons or if you have questions about eligibility.
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