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Polite manners made possible

Real-life manners and obedience training

Has your vision of a peaceful life with your dog been clouded over by rowdy behavior? We’ll help you restore orderly behavior to your home life, walks, and excursions with your dog.


Whether you’re looking to bond with your new dog by teaching them the basics, or to elevate your dog’s obedience skills so you can enjoy more time together out-and-about – we can help.

Imagine having a dog who...
  • Comes when called the first time you ask
  • Walks calmly by your side around the neighborhood
  • Is attentive and focused on you even around distractions
  • Greets you and others by sitting politely for attention
  • Listens to commands without hesitation
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Why Choose Us:

A Positive Approach

We use science-backed, dog-friendly training methods. And, we commit to a supportive, non-judgmental approach to teaching humans, too.

We Train For You

We know you lead a busy life. Through our Day Training program, we’ll train your dog for you. You can let an expert do the heavy lifting and have more time for doing what matters to you.

Customized training

At your Initial Consultation, we’ll design a custom training package together. Each session is tailored to your goals and your dog’s learning style.

Manners Training Packages

Manners Packages are available in Coaching or Day Training formats. Learn more about Coaching and Day Training options here


Our trainer will reccomend the best package for you and your dog after your Initial Consultation. To begin, schedule your Initial Consultation here.

Day Training

We train for you

This intensive obedience training program is the fastest path to a well-mannered companion. Your dog gets 1-on-1 lessons with our trainer for the highest quality instruction, all right from your home. In addition to training your dog, we meet with you weekly to ensure you are prepared to use and maintain your dog’s new manners after training.

Day Training: $110 per session


Learn to train your dog

We meet at your home once per week to show you step-by-step how to teach your dog stellar manners and listening skills. We provide you with live personalized feedback and simple training exercises for you to practice in between sessions.

Coaching: $110 per session

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