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Reactive dog wearing a harness lunging and pulling on the leash

Must-Have Reactive Dog Walking Gear

The first step you should take towards better walks with your reactive dog is to make sure you are using the correct gear. Using the right tools will give you more security, more control, and will make both training and managing your dog much easier. And, chances are, you already have one or more of these items at home.

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Husky puppy chewing on chew toys

How To Manage Puppy Chewing

Chewing and biting are perfectly normal dog behaviors. They’re on the list of things like barking, digging, and chasing squirrels that are essentially just dogs being dogs. It turns out that rather than saying “no” altogether to these natural behaviors, the easier route is to teach puppy what and when they can chew.

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Dog laying in a field wearing a Ruffwear harness

The Best Walking Harnesses For Any Dog

While just about any harness on the market can get your dog from point A to point B, I’ve discovered a handful of harnesses that I think are a cut above the rest. Here are my top 3 picks for the best anti-pull and best all-around harnesses for everyday walking.

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