The 7 Best Work-To-Eat Dog Enrichment Toys

As a dog trainer and behavior consultant, I am constantly recommending that my clients introduce more work-to-eat enrichment into their dog’s lives. But just how do you do that? Which are the best puzzle feeders and canine enrichment toys? That’s what I’m here to answer today. I am ranking my all-time favorite enrichment toys, puzzle toys, and […]

Canine Enrichment Tips: How to Liven Up Your Dog’s Enrichment Routine

Wondering where to start with canine enrichment? Or is your dog’s current enrichment routine getting stale? Here are my top tips to make enrichment activities easier and to keep your dog feeling mentally engaged.    Tip #1: Invest in reusable puzzle toys If possible, I strongly suggest investing in a number of reusable puzzle toys […]

How to Choose the Best Dog Training Treats

Learn exactly which treats I use as a professional dog trainer with my clients, as well as what factors to look for so that you can pick out the best treats for your individual dog.

K9 Nose Work: All About the Fun Scent Work Sport for Dogs

Dog sniffing in the grass for treats like a K9 Nose Work search

Have you heard of K9 Nose Work® and wanted to learn more about it? Wondering what the sport is, how it works, or who the sport is for? Read on to learn about this rapidly growing scent work sport and how you can join the fun.